Tanan Temi Ajibewa

I remembered one of those days when I had walked almost an hour to the park at Secretariat, Ikeja to beg for money on a Sunday evening after church while worried where I would sleep that night because I was homeless.

Chai! Person don see. Those memories no easy at all and that’s why I’m determined to stamp them out and also create very pleasant memories for my own children.

I have been in the place of lack and I know exactly what it means when you don’t have money to meet your basic needs let alone picnic.

I also can tell you how it feels to have just N2,000 and confused on what to buy with it.  Not because you don’t know exactly what to buy but because you have 1001 things to buy and you are confused on how to priotise. 

I know that kind of feeling when you have gone out with just N1500 and you come back in the night to balance your account to know why you had just N50 change. Chai, Thunder fire poverty o!

Let me make it clear here that I wasn’t just lazing around not doing anything o. I was selling stuffs but still not making ends meet. 

Can you relate with this story?

Don’t give up on yourself yet. There are better days ahead. And the good news is that your destiny is in your own hands. 

Just like I didn’t give up on myself but I knew I needed a game changer and that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a millionaire.

This game changer is none other than MIND-SHIFT. I STOPPED feeling entitled to people’s help or time. I stood up and took absolute responsibility of my poverty. I stopped blaming my father who rejected me since pregnancy or death that snatched my mother from me when I was just 21 years old as an only child. 

I STOPPED BEGGING and instead began to look for opportunities to add value to people’s lives so they can then give me money in exchange if the value. Ah!  I grabbed opportunities o. So far one person can say they got result in it, I will chook my head and demand result from myself too. 

What didn’t I do? Sell bread, pure water, toast bread, okrika, just name it! I was shamelessly serving value rather than shamelessly begging. I guess this is one of the reasons I still find it difficult to understand when people say they are broke and will be choosing the kind of things they can do to get money but would rather beg. 

Then I began to invest heavily in myself so the value I bring to the market place can be a lot higher month by month so I could charge higher. Books, DVDs, workshops, online programs, coaches, mentors, all! I knew I couldn’t build wealth on free information so paid for premium information through my nose. 

Then, most powerfully, I CHANGED those I call friends! I changed my network DELIBERATELY. In fact,  I opened a new Facebook account (this) so I started befriending only those who looked like where I want to be. I INVESTED in the relationships and refused to be parasitic. 

Here I am today although not yet where I want to be but not where I used to  be. I am wiser, better, stronger and above it all I am richer. Far richer if I dare to say so myself. 

Never give up on yourself no matter how rough and tough it has been.  Instead begin to seek out what is it that will change your game as well as your bank account.

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