Why Aren't You?


Have You Watched The Video?


  • Yes, I watched the whole video above and love what I see! 😍
  • Yes, I’m into the 'Fast Moving Consumer Goods' business or I just started the business
  • Yes, I’m happy to invest in my business success and understand that you'll help me succeed
  • Yes, I promise to show up to my 1-hour strategy session to help me grow my FMCG's business!

Before you sign-up, here’s the thing...

During our One-on-One Strategy Session…I'll help you discover 3 things:

  • Why you're struggling to penetrate your niche & make crazy profits as an importer/manufacturer.
  • Help you map out where you see yourself in business…in the next few years to come... and of course.
  • How to get there WITHOUT burning out & analysis paralysis.

This one-on-one strategy session is easy to follow, that I confidently promise that;

If it feels like a waste of time…

You're FREE to ask for a refund & get your money back.

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen to Me?

  • Well, my name is Tess Aromesule
  • I'm a certified FMCG Business Coach and the Lead Consultant at Tess Aromesule Global Access (TAGA)
  • I have 18 years of experience helping FMCG brands sell out their products in sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and Asia.
  • I've helped multinationals create and launch profitable products, and brands in several African markets.

And Here's The Truth

Growing an FMCG brand requires the expertise and guidance of someone who has successfully walked the path you are struggling to pass through.

And my mission is simple...

I want to help Nigerian FMCG manufacturers & importers make more sales…

…so you can spend more with loved ones, go on vacations, impact more lives, & live the life of your dreams.

Does This Strategy Session Work?

Now, this is where I'm supposed to start promising 'heaven & earth'...or some doctored screenshots to get your money.

But I won't do that.


Thing is, any random person online...can promise to help you make 30 – 50 figures, these days.

And you don't want to throw your hard-earned money into something you'll regret later.

But wait, Tess…

If That's the case, What's Really Inside the 'Exponential Sales' Strategy Session?

Okay, Here's What'll You'll Discover When You Join:

  • You'll discover how to create products that are up to international you can get massive patronage from people who don't like buying 'local made' products.
  • You'll Discover Strategic Ways to Get More Eyeballs on Your you can have a large 'market share' across borders.
  • I will take a look at your business, we'll discover the mistakes you are currently making and proffer actionable solutions to help you become more profitable in your business

Still Afraid of Competition?
By the end of our one-on-one session...

  • You'll understand how the market works, easily recognize & leverage profitable channels to OUTSELL your competition...and dominate your niche.
  • You'll discover Principles on HOW to Properly Manage Distribution & How You Can Use this to Scale Your Business.
  • You'll Become a Better Manager With an Efficient & Productive Sales Team.

And As A Result…

You'll Ultimately Begin to Record exponential sales & Increase Brand Awareness of Your Products. 💰

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

Here's My Iron-Clad Guarantee:

Once you tap the RED button above & book your session with me.

I'll personally create time out of my busy schedule… we can have a 1-hour session with you to start getting profitable distribution channels for your products & increase your sales volume...

So, Who Is This For?

Well, unlike other strategy sessions out there. You won't just get boring video tutorials & be left to struggle with analysis paralysis…

You'll get access to me. (on a one-on-one basis) for one full hour. 

However, I can't accept everybody into this program.


To ensure it's exclusive & avoid delivering poor quality...or letting your competitors know the secrets you'll discover.

So, I'll only work with you and a few people. That's all. 

How this 1-hour Strategy Session Works…

STEP 1.)
I'll first of all, analyze Your Product And Determine The Stage In Which Your Product Is Within The Product Life Cycle.

STEP 2.)
Next, I'll Show You What Exactly to Do & Avoid to Ensure Your Product Has World-Class Standard.

STEP 3.)
Then, I'll Carefully Help You Run Market Analysis to Locate & Connect You To Profitable Distribution Channels for Your Product Type, And Production Capacity...So You Can Easily Start Making Sales.

This May Not Be A Right Fit For You If:

  • You're Not Ready to Apply What You'll Learn
  • You feel like You Can Do it on Your Own
  • You think you can easily find the Same Info on Google or Youtube
  • You don’t see the Essence of Investing in Yourself to Know How to Grow Your Business

However, This Could Be A Right Fit For You If:

  • You're Tired of Struggling to break even, month after month & find it hard to Pay Your Employees
  • You Want to scale your business so You can Fund the Lifestyle they Truly Desire
  • You're ready to apply the strategies I've learned over the past 18-yrs while helping several FMCG Brands Sell Out in relevant markets and shelves across Africa
  • You Want to Discover How to Locate and Attract Reliable Distributors...that Will help you Make exponential Sales.
  • You have the Means and Willingness to invest in your Growth

So if that sounds good to you and you’re ready to leverage everything I’ve used to help my clients create and launch profitable FMCG brands in Africa & beyond.

PLUS, personal access to I can hold you by the hand...till you start getting results...then, you know what to the RED button below & get sign up.

© Tess Aromesule. All rights Reserved I Disclaimer

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