Rev. Sr Henrietta Alokha

My woman crush for today is Rev. Sr Henrietta Alokha who until her untimely death on Sunday 15th March, 2020 was the  principal of Bethlehem High School, Abule Ado, Lagos.

Reports have it that she died saving the children under her care. All the students were accounted for but she paid the price. 😭😭😭😭

It really goes to show, not all heroes wear capes. This one wore a veil on her head.

The late Reverend Sister Henrietta Alokha loosing her life while saving that of others from the inferno of an explosion is a martyr deserving of the honor of sainthood.

She exemplified devotion and sacrifice.

Today I chose to celebrate this heroine who gave herself in exchange for others to live.

May her gentle soul Rest In Peace.

I realize there are women who who wake up everyday and sacrifice themselves for their families and communities, like sister Henrietta, dying to self everyday just so others can live.

So today is a posthumous crush on this woman who died saving others and to all our women out there who are carrying weights that are bigger than them. Yet they show up and smile everyday and keep on keeping on.

You show up in the office or business, even when you really don’t feel like it. But when you think about your family and all that depend on you, you get up and go.

I celebrate you!!!

I may not know you in person, or ever understand the weight of your burdens but there is one who sees and rewards immensely, He will reward you.

I only hope this post today, although flagged by Sr. Henrietta will show you how fortunate you are to still be alive despite the issues around you that seek to drown you.

I celebrate you! I salute you!

I thank you for your sacrifices! I salute you! I salute you!! I salute you!!!

Well done!!!!

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