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Revealed: How This FMCG Business Expert is Helping Newbie and Aspiring (FMCG) Manufacturers and Importers Turn Their Product Ideas Into Marketable and Hot Selling Products...

Through her HOT AND NEWLY launched online course, titled:

"Launch Your Product Idea"

(The step-by-step approach for going from an idea to an irresistible and fast selling product—globally.)

Now while most newbies are spending 9,12 months still trying to launch their business and maneuver the FMCG market all by themselves….

 You’ll be Ahead Of Your Competitors With A World-Standard And Hot-Selling Product sitting on the shelves of supermarkets and stores all around Nigeria and global markets BECAUSE.…

You know something 90% of FMCG Business Owners DON’T Know!


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Dear millionaire entrepreneur, 

Take a look around you for a moment and you’ll see that… 

…there is an uncountable number of consumer products — foodstuffs, personal care products and others that barely make it past the 1-year mark.

According to statistics, approximately 10,000 new products are launched annually, and roughly 95% of them fail.

95% of new product launches don’t make it beyond the year mark.

Only a fraction survive


It’s the usual.

An ambitious entrepreneur wakes up one morning with a terrific product idea.

But doesn’t understand the fundamentals of what makes a product successful in this region.

Before you know it, fuelled by passion… 

He has invested a whole lot of capital…

Package something mediocre and off to start begging distributors to buy their product just to make back some investment.

The FMCG market is pretty saturated with substandard and “rushed innovation” products.

They end up EXPIRING in the market and sometimes don't even make it out of the warehouse.

And to create an outstanding, hot selling, and irresistible product…

Manufacturers need to be informed, knowledgeable, and savvy.

There is a method to the madness and a process to follow.

Penetrating the FMCG market cannot be done haphazardly.
It doesn't matter how terrific your product idea is…

To become a profitable success in the FMCG market…

You have to be strategic, knowledgeable, intentional and innovative from the moment you birth your product idea, to the packaging and design process, and down to the moment you begin to distribute them.

And if you’d allow me…

I’m ready to show you How You Can Create a Fantastic Product from that idea of yours — no matter how underdeveloped it is…

And make a hot-selling and irresistible product that would bring in lots of profits.

Using My Step-by-Step Online Course, titled:

"Launch Your Product Idea"

(The step-by-step approach for going from an idea to an irresistible and fast selling product—globally.)

This is the same roadmap that I have used (alongside other team members) to help multinationals like the brands below:


To Create Attractive Packaging And Position Themselves For Massive sales!

I Have Been Featured On Numerous Media Channels Such As:

And in this value-packed course….

I’m going to be sharing with you the same hidden principles that highly-successful brands use in their product packaging for massive sales.

Who is this course for?

And you belong to any of the following:

Food And Snacks Manufacturers

Drinks And Beverage Manufacturers

Cosmetic and Make-up Manufacturers

Personal and Skin Care Product Manufacturers

OTC Medicine Manufacturers

Household Electronics Manufacturers

And Other Consumer Goods/Products Manufacturers

Then this is the best place you can be!

But, hey…

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Theresa Aromesule but my friends call me Tess.

I am a certified FMCG Business Coach and the Lead Consultant at Tess Aromesule Global Access (TAGA) where I am involved in taking ordinary businesses with good products and making them extraordinary brands.

My wealth of experience spans over an 18-year career in FMCG across sub Saharan Africa, Europe and Asia.

In the course of my career, I have worked with multinationals and helped to create and launch several products and brands across key African markets.

In recent times, backed with my wealth of experience in sales, marketing, distribution, product creation and channel management, I’m now focused on helping FMCG businesses leverage profitable distribution channels… become more visible… and consistently sell out their products in the market.

Here what my past student had to say about me.

No doubt, survival of your brand in a market as ours requires the expertise and guidance of someone who has successfully walked the path you are trying to pave.

Would you be more than ready to allow me to help you surpadd every one of your goals towards launching your product like my other students?

What Will IT Take You To Get This Incredible Course In Your Hands?

The value of this Course is easily worth over N200,000…

However you’re not going to be paying that,

How about half of that — for N100,000?

With the value, you’re getting. It’s still a steal at this price.

But I won’t be charging you that neither…

Let’s cut the chase.

How about you get this Amazing course for N80,000?

Sounds good?

Well, you’re NOT going to get this course for N80,000 either.

So, let me ask you...Are you a Fast Action Taker?

If you are, then I got good news!

You get access right NOW, to this course at only N50,000!

You got that right — N50,000!

For N50,000 ONLY, you can GET Access to this Course.

You save N150,000 today.

But mind you, this is one deal you can’t find elsewhere…

And can be upgraded before you know it.

If you are ready to have me walk you through the process of turning that product idea into a flourishing business…

Click the link below and let's get started.

Would you rather invest in getting this course or RISK losing tons of million like many brand owners who I’ve worked with in the past…

Or GET ahead of your competition doing what 90% of them DON’T know? 

This is up to you to decide.

The good thing is I’m cheaper than the money you’ll lose in trying to figure this out yourself and the worse is...many after making these mistakes will still pay an expert 5X of this course to help them get things right…

So which do you prefer?

Save yourself and that passionate business of yours from failing by clicking on the button below and get this course.

Here's my ALL IN ONE guarantee to you!

I will give you my step-by-step process of determining if a product idea is market viable and how to refine it into a market viable product.

I will show you how to take educated decisions based on market data and statistics all through the product life-cycle until maturity.

You’ll learn how to test any product concept in the market.

This course would help you further develop and refine your product idea into a world-standard and export-ready product that can stand on any shelf in the world.

You’ll have a road map on all you are required to do from product ideation to maturity and even to distribution.

Next, I’ll show you how to obtain all the necessary regulatory licenses for different product types.

This course would help you make the best and educated decision on what packaging format is best for your product type.

You’ll master the art of attractive packaging that’ll give your products a competitive edge out in the market, and on store shelves.

Most importantly, I’ll show you the road map to effectively market and distribute your products for maximum profits.

And if after you take this course and put the above into action… you don’t see results…

Then you can ask for a refund (but I’m confident you won’t be needing one…Which is valid for 30days after getting this course.

Isn’t that incredible?

As I will also add you to a special telegram community of my students, where you learn from others and myself on how to get quality results for your product launch.

There is NO in-depth and hands-on business coaching course specially designed for FMCG manufacturers like this out there.

This Is End-to-End…

From Product ideation to the market and down to store shelves.

Here's what you get plus plenty of BONUSES!

To Sweeten The Deal…

The first 15 people to register gets a FREE 1-hour strategy session with me. (Valued N150,000).

So hurry now and click on the link below

Are you ready to rocket launch that multi-million dollar product?

  • Turn it into a hot-selling, irresistible product…
  • And get way ahead of your competitors…

Then click the link below to get started!

P.S The Early Bird Benefit Is Only Available For The First 15 Students To Register.


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Why Am I Doing This?

  • This is a steal of the price compared to what BIG BRANDS pay to consult me for the knowledge I provide and if this gets viral, it’d be short on my earnings.
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  • Because there’s no safer reason to purchase this course other than you getting your money back if you don’t get value for your money after applying the lessons you have in here…but if you don’t want to take action. Then this is not for you.
  • There is NO in-depth and hands-on business coaching course specially designed for FMCG manufacturers like this out there.
  • Those who won’t be purchasing this course right away are probably not ready to promote their newly launched product fast in the market OR don’t have a product idea they’d want to grab a huge chunk of the market.

Lock in your 75% Discount (N150,000 off ) and get lifetime access to “Launch Your Product Idea” Course plus your free 1 hour strategy session if you get to be among the first 15 registered members of this course.

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We have a special one time offer just for you.

30% Off Launch Your Product Coaching Program ( usually N100,00)

What's In This Intensive Coaching Program?

✔2 hours of group coaching sessions, twice a week.

✔Week 1- of our coaching sessions would involve testing and reviewing your product idea to determine the market viability of your product idea.

This would help you make an educated decision on the best and most promising product idea for your brand.

✔Week 2- Coaching sessions would focus on carrying out product packaging and market tests to help you come up with a packaging that is irresistible to consumers and superior to your competitors.

✔Week 3- Practical testing with consumers to check the market feasibility of the sample product.

✔Week 4- Practical sessions on how to handle product costing and raw material procurement for maximum profits.

✔Week 5 & 6- Practical sessions on how to identify, leverage, and create profitable distribution channels to help you launch your final product.

✔Week 7- Weekly tasks and activities to perform in the market as concerns your brand.

✔Week 8- Weekly review of the tasks and activities to ensure results and growth is recorded.

✔Access to bonus materials and research templates.
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