Naomi Osemedua

My name is Naomi Osemedua and just a few short years ago, this was me…

I ran away from home and eloped at age 22.

I lost everything including my family and I was written off as useless.

I became a victim of domestic abuse. It was so bad, I thought I would not make it out alive.

I got divorced at age 30 with two sons, becoming a single mum before my 31st birthday and wondering…“How did I get here?”

I found love again at age 34.

I got married for the first time before my family and friends a few days away from my 35th birthday.

I became pregnant at 36.

Gave birth at 37 after over 12 years of all things pregnancy.

And Things Changed Again!

With no tech background whatsoever, I wrote my first book, reaching Amazon best seller status in February 2016.

Then in April 2016, I became the first African woman to trend on Periscope with over 20 million viewers after 6 months of Live broadcasts!

I became a TEDx speaker in October 2016.

An International Conference Speaker at the WIN Conference, Nigeria. November 2016.

Hosted a Workshop at Social Media Week, Lagos 2017

Became a Speaker at HIVE AFRICA Global Leaders Conference…

I am currently known as the African Queen of Live Streaming.

In March 2017, I started a Podcast show called the Women With Stories inspired by my personal journey of surviving domestic abuse and divorce…today, I lead the Global Movement- The Women With Stories International. See more HERE

How Did My Life Go From A Near Tragedy To

An Absolute Miracle?

What changed?

I’ll tell you.

Faith . . .

Hard work…


A Smartphone/Mobile Device + Internet Data.

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