Mosun Olukoga

My name is Mosun Olukoga. I’m a Digital Content Creator and Trainer. I’m also a Storytelling Expert and Trainer. ⁣⁣

Those sound like cool titles but I was not always cool. ⁣

I got pregnant at the age of 17. ⁣

By age 19, I had two kids. ⁣⁣

I was not always cool o. I’m not going to lie to you. ⁣

This time exactly two years ago, my two kids were sent out of school for owing. ⁣⁣

The school was faultless really. I was owing for not just that term but for part of the previous term too. ⁣

As a single mom of two with NO HELP, I knew I was empty home and abroad. ⁣

I could not tell family members. I could not tell anyone. I was all alone with two kids and no one to turn to. ⁣

I told the children to exercise patience for me to try to get them back to school. ⁣

For where? 😥😥😥 ⁣⁣

One week turned into two. Two weeks turned into one month and before I knew it, my children were out of school for TWO TERMS. ⁣⁣

Six months!!!⁣⁣

This brings tears to my eyes right now but do you know the trick I used so that no one on my crowded street would know my kids were out of school?⁣⁣

As other kids left for school in the morning, I would tell my own kids to be quiet. No errand outside our tiny apartment. No noise. Just shhhhh. ⁣

My kids would only come out when other kids were back from school and mix with the crowd. ⁣

We persevered but we had a bigger and more dangerous problem; NO MONEY FOR FOOD. ⁣

For a greater part of 2018, my kids and I went hungry. Really, really hungry. ⁣

I was owing every single food vendor on my street. ⁣

I was owing amounts that made me ashamed to walk outside. ⁣

My landlord was constantly calling. ⁣⁣

I was just a mess. ⁣⁣

ONE DAY, I stumbled upon salvation. ⁣

I stumbled upon salvation in form of my online business and EVERYTHING CHANGED. ⁣

As of today, I have made MILLIONS of naira  in income from my online business and I believe everyone can. (As long as you have a smartphone and data as a young adult, you should never be broke.)⁣

As of today, I have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs on different areas of content creation and storytelling for business. ⁣

As of today, I can comfortably pay for my children’s education without breaking a sweat.⁣⁣

As of today, I’ve become a Badass generally and I’m beginning to spread everywhere like the air. ⁣⁣

I’m not where I want to be but I’m bloody grateful for where I am. ⁣

I’m a bright star and I refuse to eat humble pie about that. ⁣

It is not over until you give up. 

Whatever it is you are going thorough should not be a reason for mediocrity.

You are made for more.

Go for it.

What life lessons did you learn from Mosun’s   story?

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