...and No! You don't have to be a big brand for that to happen… Your small business can pull it off!

Starting your business was one of the best decisions you ever took no doubt. And creating your product?... That was the "awesom-est"!😁

Then you DREAMT of how your product would get out there and change the lives of Nigerians… or maybe even make our lives better!!! And hopefully, it would become the next household name across Nigeria and beyond…


Now you have that amazing product in your hands but you are just not sure how your DREAM can become a reality.

Maybe you have even made some good sales and have gotten good feedback from people who have used your product… but you are not sure how to take it to the next level.

Maybe you have succeeded in getting your product into a few stores… but you seem to be stuck and can't go past those few stores.

Or maybe you have tried to get your product into stores but got rejected for reasons you don't even understand…

This is an 8-week result focused high performance group coaching and mentoring program specifically designed for business owners, especially FMCG products owners who are desirous of scaling their business and making their brand a household name.

Whatever your case may be, it's time to make that dream a reality. It's time to make your product the next household name in Nigeria. (Did I just hear you say "I like the sound of that?"

Whether you sell skincare products or bottled water, lip balm or local spices…
It's time to get that product into at least 100 stores before 2021 is over!... Because that's what we will be doing in THE EXPONENTIAL INNER CIRCLE… NO FLUFF

Hi, my name is Tess Arome-Sule and I'm the coach you should work with in 2021. 

You know why? It's because I've worked with the brands that you currently use in your household for over 18years and I know how they got into your

Have you ever wondered how Cadbury, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Dangote group, Unilever etc got into your house?

You probably haven't cos you felt they are big companies so everything is possible… well that's not true because there are big companies whose products flopped big time🤦🏾‍♀️

Now let me tell you cos I worked with these brand for over 18years. Definitely not by spending long hours on social media like you have been doing... nothing close to that!

It's through the power of profitable distribution channels and that's what I will be holding your hand and (not teaching) but helping you use in THE EXPONENTIAL INNER CIRCLE come January 2021.

Now here's what you will be getting inside THE EXPONENTIAL INNER CIRCLE

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Weekly distributor recruitment tasks
  • Weekly prospecting tasks
  • Worksheets and proposal/distributor templates to work with
  • Distributors contacts
  • Access to my network of distributors and supermarkets
  • Hands-on support from an expert who has been in this industry for over 18+ years

So what's it going to be for you? Would you like to continue winging it in 2021, spending long hours on social media and making mediocre profits from random sales?

Or would you rather let me hold your hand and show you how you can get into at least 100 stores so you can truly be SOLD-OUT?

Okay Tess, Sign me up for the EXPONENTIAL INNER CIRCLE

Why am I so sure you will get this result? It's because I and my team have done it over and over again and RESULTS DON'T LIE!

Ready for an EXPONENTIAL 2021?

We will only be taking 15 persons for this program because that's how much my team and I can handle (because of the rigours involved in distribution)



Do not join this program if you are not ready to WORK! Because this is NOT your regular coaching program where you come and listen to one coach talk.

All we will be doing is WORK and my coaching sessions with you will be to evaluate your work, correct where necessary and give you your next line of action.

If you read to this point then I'm sure that you are READY to make this move that changes your business and your life in 2021.

Let's Jam inside the Inner Circle

© Tess Aromesule. All rights Reserved I Disclaimer

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