Open to maximum 12 businesses per cycle

This 8 weeks result focused group coaching and mentoring program specifically designed for business owners, especially FMCG products owners who are desirous of scaling their business and making their brand a household name.

This group coaching provides the framework to build your distribution network, sales and marketing tools, innovative promotional ideas that you can use to scale your product.

This coaching is loaded and hinged on accountability. It gives you access to my inner circle and a network of similar businesses where you can also rub minds and come up with winning strategies for exchange markets.

I work with you to maximize your results in business by sharing with you practical strategies that I have used across markets in Africa in the span of my 18+ years career.

Your business will not grow by itself unless you first of all get and gain the relevant knowledge and practical steps that you can apply in your business strategy.

This group coaching will help you with that and more

This course will help you gain clarity so you can be more productive. You need to know and see a clear path in order to develop the action.

With clarity comes less anxiety, a better mindset to run a business that can be repositioned to adapt to different economic situation and consequently better and increased profitability. This is for you

This is only open for those who want to make tangible change in their businesses.

Cost NGN200,000